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BA - glass packaging company – decided to launch, in the year of its centenary anniversary, an exciting challenge: create an irreverent proposal for a new glass container. This year the challenge was even greater! 


The Glassberries Design Awards rewards the proposals that best achieved the four fundamental vectors that identify BA and our partners:

• solid identity

• creativity

• innovation

• sustainable development





At the 5th edition of the Glassberries Design Awards, BA gets together with Corticeira Amorim – the largest worldwide cork producer and supplier – in order to develop a new glass bottle that features a capsulated cork stopper. The development of the whole packaging brings a more realistic view and represents a clear commitment to the relationship that exists between glass and cork. This year, the partnership with Corticeira Amorim is focused on TOP SERIES – a business unit dedicated to the design and production of capsulated cork stoppers that represent solutions that are truly exclusive and different.







To be entitled to participate you must be a student from the schools formerly invited to participate in the Glassberries Design Awards 2016.  Please fill in the enrolment form when available and send it to the following email address: candidaturas@glassberriesawards.com.

The enrolments are till 31st March. Participate!

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